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The core features of our concept are:
- Advanced security vehicles developed and manufactured in-house of the OEM.
- The use of top-quality materials and optimised design engineering in all OEM security vehicles.
- Continual development of the relevant technologies to ensure optimum adaptation to the latest developments in weapons technology.
- The right choice of vehicle to meet the requirements of the individual application and/or area of application.
- State-of-the-art technology and maintenance service straight from the manufacturer.
- Specialist driver training and instruction in OEM Security Driver Training programmes.
- 100% discretion.
Safety and security concept:
ALPa-G.A.T.T. werksgepanzerte Sonderschutzfahrzeuge
Continual proof tests carried out by the Munich Proof House ensure that the properties of the armouring used are adapted in line with the latest developments in weapons technology. Proof testing is part of the routine work carried out by the manufacturer.
Security features are not fitted by the supplier but are integrated into the vehicles in-house of the OEM.
Sicherheitsausstattung Wartung und Inspektion
Maintenance and inspections on all of our BMW fleet cars  are carried out exclusively by competent skilled staff in  OEM workshops.
All replacement parts are custom made direct from the  factory to ensure 100% reliability for all OEM security  vehicles at all times.
In the event of an emergency situation: All security vehicles from OEM feature
run-flat tyre technology that can help,
for example, ensure a quick getaway
from a risk situation.
Tyre technology:

Thanks to
support ring technology - found predominantly in 7 series vehicles - the wheels will continue to turn even at zero pressure.
In addition to the use of support ring technology, the wheel rims feature an integrated radio sensor that sends a direct signal to the on-board Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) in the event of zero tyre pressure.
Run-flat technology is based on self-supporting wheels featuring wheel rims with a reinforced sidewall construction.
The ABS sensor monitors tyre pressure by measuring the speed of revolution of a wheel in combination with the tyre circumference. The system then alerts the driver of any loss in pressure via the tyre flation warning system (“RPA”). Depending on the vehicle, a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System can also be integrated.
All-wheel drive provides optimum driving dynamics and traction even on the most difficult terrain.
4-weel drive
In a permanent all-wheel drive system, the engine power is  always transmitted to all of the wheels. Permanent all-wheel  drive features a locking differential that guarantees total  torque balancing with no power loss.

This system features a series of clutches that allow power to be  juggled between the front and rear axles. This is done continually  according to the given driving situation. In extreme cases the  system uses Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and Electronic  Stability Control (ESP) to ensure that the entire engine power is  transmitted to the front and rear axles as needed, e.g. in  understeer or oversteer situations.
ALPa-G.A.T.T. Sealed Sea Logistics
OEM security vehicles are high-tech vehicles boasting exceptional security features that are distinguishable to the “trained” eye only.
Safety first:
- Intercom systems
- Remote engine start via remote control
- GPS navigation system
- Bullet-proof glass and armoured vehicle body
- Hydro-pneumatic emergency exit e.g.

through front windscreen
- Integrated oxygen supply/filter unit
- Fire extinguishing units
Tear gas/poisonous gas sensors are automatically activated in the event of an attack, hermetically sealing the vehicle to protect its occupants.

Non-standard add-ons such as
extinguishing equipment with built-in temperature sensors are also available for our armoured cars, guaranteeing optimum safety.